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In the Frequent Asked Questions page you can find answers to some of the recurring questions.


Who is IREN?

IREN is the multi-utility established from the merger, which took place on July 1st, 2010, between Enýa S.p.A. and IRIDE S.p.A.

For more information see the page  "About Us ".


What are the main characteristics of IREN's Corporate Governance? 

For more information on IREN's Corporate Governance see the by-law or the summary page “Corporate Governance ” of the internet site.


How can one periodically receive IREN press releases?

To receive periodically IREN press releases subscribe to the Mailing List .

If you already subscribed to the IRIDE mailing list, your name is automatically included in the IREN mailing list.

If you already subscribed to the Mailing List and wish to cancel the service click here .


How can one receive a copy of the annual reports and other informative documents?

The annual reports are published on the  "reports and financial statements" page, while other documents like the by-law, the minutes of shareholders' meetings are published on the "corporate governance " page.

If you wish to receive a paper copy of the annual report or the half-year report, click here .

If you already subscribed to the distribution list and wish to cancel the service, click here.

If you wish to receive other documents or need further information write to


For further information e-mail or contact the Investor Relations Office .
Last update 01/07/2010